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Part 2 - Understand Empathy and Remain Compassionate Series : What Can I Do to Remain Compassionate?

What Can I Do to Remain Compassionate?

In the second part of this two-video series, "How to Understand Empathy and Remain Compassionate," you will learn practical strategies to establish healthier boundaries in your personal and therapeutic relationships. You will learn how to "let people feel their feelings" without the need to rescue or fix them. Dr. Kostenuik will guide you in grounding and mindfulness techniques to help you recognize, tolerate and accept your own emotions while reserving the energy required to remain compassionate.

More specifically, you will learn:
1. How to establish healthier boundaries in your relationships.
2. Why it is important to ''let people feel their feelings''.
3. How to support individuals without needing to rescue of fix them.
4. How to work with you own emotions and stay grounded.

Length of training : 30 minutes Mentorship Program A...: No

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  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever