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Part 1 - Understand Empathy and Remain Compassionate Series : What is Empathy vs. Compassion

What is Empathy vs. Compassion, and Can Compassion Run Out or Fatigue?

In the first part of this two-video series, "How to Understand Empathy and Remain Compassionate," you will learn the difference between empathy and compassion can how this can help you have more sustainable therapeutic relationships. Dr. Kostenuik will describe different types of empathy and how you can convert emotional empathy into compassionate action to avoid emotional exhaustion and burnout. In addition, Dr. Kostenuik will explain how and why your empathy levels change under stress and how addressing your own needs can refill your empathy "tank."

More specifically, you will learn about:
1. The difference between empathy and compassion.
2. Why emotional contagion & empathy create challenges.
3. How stress affects your experience with empathy.
4. How compassionate action can reduce the risk of burnout.
5. How addressing your own needs can refill you empathy ''tank''.

Length of training : 30 minutes Mentorship Program A...: No

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