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Palliative care research: Black business cards - Findings from a qualitative study

Black business cards - Findings from a qualitative study on the integration of palliative care in HSCT

This presentation was offered as part of the 2022 BMT Lecture Series, in coordination with the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary (Alberta).

Reanne Booker, MN BScN PhD(c), is an expert in Palliative and End-of-Life Care Services, Calgary Zone of the University of Victoria. In this presentation, she will share the following learning objectives:
• To review the palliative care needs of patients & family caregivers undergoing HSCT
• Discuss findings from research (quant studies on PC in hematology/HSCT, qual study on the integration of PC in HSCT)
• To discuss barriers to & facilitators of integrating PC in HSCT
• Briefly discuss PALS_HSCT, a RCT to compare early PC to standard care for patients and their family caregivers undergoing HSCT

Length of training : 1 hour Mentorship Program A...: No

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  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever