Caring for survivors

Risk Reduction Activities (Unit 10)

Unit 10 - Risk Reduction Activities.

This training is presented in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Nurse in Oncology (CANO) and is part of CANO’s manual Adult cancer survivorship: A self-Learning resource for nurses – 2020.

Compared with previous decades, cancer survivors can expect to live longer than their predecessors. Health promotion and the adoption of healthy behaviors are critical to regaining and maintaining health. A cancer diagnosis and treatment often results in a desire for patients to make a behavior change, thus creating a good time to intervene. There is a significant body of knowledge describing that when cancer survivors modify behaviours related to exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation and alcohol intake they can reduce the risk of recurrence of certain types of cancer and the development of co-morbidities that may impact on the quality of their lives and or life expectancy. In the presentation, Joan L. Bottorff PhD RN FCAHS FAAN will explain how oncology nurses can play an important role in health promotion for cancer patients through the application of theories and evidence that helps to guide risk reduction interventions and support the adoption of healthy lifestyles that include physical activity, nutrition, smoking cessation, and reductions in alcohol intake.

Learning objectives:
• Assist the individual/family to understand the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors to optimize treatment outcomes;
• Provide relevant information/education at the appropriate times to through the cancer experience related to recovery, rehabilitation and survivorship.

Length of training : 1 hour

  • Important information
  • Recording
  • Post-test
  • Training evaluation form
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever